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 Essential Training Equipment.

This page provides access to various pieces of equipment we believe to be either essential to helping train your dog or use as part of a Behaviour Correction program or, are useful in the general handling and control of your pet.

All these products can be ordered directly from this page and paid for using Paypal by clicking the orange "Buy Now" button - you dont even need a Paypal account, just your debit or credit card.

In most cases, UK delivery is included in the overall cost as shown although if ordering from Northern Ireland, the Scottish Isles or the Scilly and Channel Isles, please email first as a small supplement may be necessary to cover increased postage costs.

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Ancol Nylon Rope Slip Lead

An excellent training & Control lead as used by ourselves for dealing with problem dogs displaying Dominance issues, Jumping up and general hyperactivity issues.

This lead also comes with our own "Use Guide" for helping to deal with Dominance problem behaviours and also how to help calm an excitable dog.

A Choice of 2 sizes from small & medium dogs to medium to large breeds.

Rope Slip Lead Medium

Medium (10mm x 120cm) £6.80 inc P & P

Rope Slip Lead Large

Large (12mm x 120cm) £7.21 inc P & P

Our top selling Training Lead!!

Nobody likes a dog that lunges at others in public let alone a dog that may be inclined to bite.

Whilst we do not advocate the use of any equipment that simply avoids the need for corrective training (see our Behaviour page for what we can do to help), sometimes equipment is necessary as part of our corrective treatment in order to ensure personal and public safety - remember, you are legally liable if your dog bites a person or another dog - if you need advice, Blog us or contact us via our Contact Us page.

Ancol Mesh Muzzle

Size 0 - out of stock

Size 1 £4.90 inc P & P

Size 2 £4.90 inc P & P

Size 3 - out of stock

Size 4 - out of stock

Size 4XL - to order only

Size 5 - out of stock

Size 5XL - to order only

Ancol Mesh Muzzle

For Sizes 1 & 2 ONLY

For other sizes, please click on the relevant button when showing or ask for prices & delivery details.

Please state size required from chart above when ordering.

Clix Professional Whistle

As used by ourselves for our training sessions this whistle has a clearer more audible tone than many of the cheaper alternatives and is far better then the plastic versions.

Professional Whistle

£6.15 inc P & P

Half-Check (pinch) Collar

Available in a range of sizes, this collar can help physically and psychologically control a pulling dog or one that is boisterous when being walked - humanely, due to its restricted "Pinch" function (we do not advocate the use of old-fashioned choke chains by the general public) and is therefore more enjoyable for handler and dog.

Available in 3-colours: Black, Blue & Red.

Half Check Collar Size 1-2

Size 1-2 (14") £3.53 inc p&p

Half Check Collar 2-4

Size 2-4 (18") £4.14 inc p&p

Half Check Collar

Size 4-7 (24") £4.96 inc p&p

Half Check Collar 5-9

Size 5-9 (28") £5.75 inc p&p

Please state clearly the colour required when ordering!

Long Training / Tracking Line

As used by ourselves for recall training in an open / rural environment, these leads come in a range of 3 different lengths depending on the size of the dog and what your intended use is.

Made of strong but lightweight nylon with a strong fastener, this lead is ideal for a range of uses:

Training Line 5

5m (15ft approx) £9.55 inc p&p

Long Training Line 9m

9m (27ft approx) £13.44 inc p&p

Long Training Line 15m

15m (45ft approx) £19.52 inc p&p

Puppy Training Manual

Also suitable for many older puppies & dogs, 38-pages written by us for our style of training in a handout style folder to allow for updates and additional pages as available.

Training Line 5

5m (15ft approx) £9.55 inc p&p

Long Training Line 9m

9m (27ft approx) £13.44 inc p&p

Long Training Line 15m

15m (45ft approx) £19.52 inc p&p

£7.95 inc

P & P

WildDogz Puppy Training Manual

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